The Importance of Visiting Your Potential School

When applying for admission to your MBA program of choice, make sure you plan for at least one campus visit. Even if the campus is far away–perhaps even in another country.


  • You should be sure that the school is a good fit for you.
    It would be terrible if you arrive on campus only to find out that the school isn’t a good fit for you. This could be for any number of reasons, like the school location, a social climate that you don’t feel comfortable in, or maybe the school didn’t properly advertise itself online. Don’t assume that just because a school has great ratings that it is a good fit for you.
  • You should be sure that you like the city that the school is located in.
    Without visiting, you may never know that the school is in a city with a great atmosphere–or a bad one. You should find out if you like the city, that it offers what you are looking for in terms of entertainment, social climate, activities, local organizations and churches, temples, or mosques.
  • In competitive schools, a campus visit sets you apart.
    If you are looking to attend one of the top MBA schools, you must be willing to at least visit the school first. Why? Because the admissions department will notice your drive and investment into your MBA degree. It will make you stand out.

Now the question comes up: when should I visit campus? I recommend visiting while classes are in session, before you submit your application to the program. This will help you determine if the school and area are right for you and, if it is, gives the admissions folks a taste of your commitment.