What is a MBA?

When I tell people that I’m currently working on my MBA many ask, “What is a MBA?” An MBA (Master of Business Administration) is perhaps the worlds most respected and sought after postgraduate degree in the business world. The first MBA programs in the world were offered in the United States in the early 20th century as the demand for a sophisticated approach to business suddenly exploded.

Today, there are over 2500 MBA programs offered around the world. The programs offer prominent education on a relatively large variety of business and other courses such as management, accounting, IT, finances, and quantitative analysis, among others. MBA programs offer the complete freedom for students to either study all areas at once or select specific fields to focus on.

Traditional MBA programs take two years to complete, however, one-year programs are becoming extremely popular as of recent. More and more students are opting to go the part-time MBA route, with many choosing to take online MBA classes (known as distance learning).

Regardless of your social status and irrespective of who you are and where you live, the MBA is definitely the best choice if you aspire to be a successful business person. The MBA degree is viewed favorably in both developed and developing countries.

People with an MBA typically have no trouble finding a highly-paid full-time job at successful companies. The truth of the matter is—companies like to hire staff with competence, and MBA is perhaps the most accurate measure of competence in the business world today. This is largely because of the qualifications that come with an MBA.

But to the person wondering, “What is a MBA?”—is that all there is to know? Of course not! Let me tell you about some specific benefits of an MBA.

What specific benefits do you get from pursuing an MBA?


Unlike other programs, the MBA does not focus exclusively on theoretical background. Instead it encourages students to research and solve real-life business situations, thereby developing the practical skills necessary to run a successful business.

Students also develop and fine-tune their leadership skills to the fullest level, giving them the opportunity to command significantly higher salaries in their future careers.

Another advantage is that students often form relationships that have a high potential value later on in life. Forming acquaintances with likewise business-oriented people can pay-off big time, not only in your professional life, but in their personal life as well.

The quality of MBA courses is ensured by external accrediting institutions that monitor the quality of education on a consistent basis and provide an insight as to where the school stands compared to the specific quality standards.

There are a lot of successful people who have received an MBA degree and here are some of them:

So what is a MBA? The MBA offers you not only higher chances of getting a respected job title with high salary, but there is reason to believe that an MBA may actually bring a better balance to your life. That’s why I believe the MBA is definitely a valuable pursuit for anyone!