Fun MBA Schools: Carlson Holiday Flash Mob

Fun MBA Schools: Carlson Holiday Flash Mob

You should always consider the “fun” vibe of a school before choosing your school. There are many fun MBA schools out there: Berkeley and Stanford usually come to mind. But this latest YouTube video just put a new school in the list of fun mba schools.

Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota just posted a YouTube video where they did a flash mob for Christmas. It starts out innocently enough as a lone saxophone player plays a haunting tune in the middle of the student commons area. Soon after another student puts some money in his instrument case and requests “Deck the Halls.” She sings along with a beautiful voice, prompting other students to come join in (singing in perfect harmony).

Before you know it, the crowd of participants grows to the point where a security guard joins, cuing the choreography. This is a great video. And I think it illustrates just how fun an MBA can be (at times).

After watching this, I’d have to consider Minnesota to be one of a handful of fun MBA schools. By the way, Minnesota is one of those 133 schools on our JD/MBA programs list.

133 JD/MBA Programs Listed

One thing that has frustrated me is the utter lack of information about schools that offer JD/MBA programs. Until now there has not been a comprehensive list of schools offering the joint degree. So I set out to change that. I created the definitive list of JD/MBA programs.

I’m sure there are a few here or there that I have missed, so please let me know in the comments section if I missed something. As always, I appreciate all the help and feedback from my readers. Go and get that JD/MBA!