Perhaps you’ve asked, “why get an MBA?

There are many reasons. Salary is the big one of course–studies show that graduates with an MBA start out at a salary of $11,000 more than those who do not have an MBA.

But you also must consider how your communication will improve. Not only because you will be trained on how to better communicate with your peers, but also because you will understand the business. When you understand the business better, you will be better equipped to ask your boss for a larger budget for a aspect of your team.

You most likely have a university in your area that offers a part-time MBA program. A program which allows you to take classes after work. I’m currently going to school once a week, 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM at an accredited university with an excellent reputation. My classmates are intelligent working professionals who are great to network with.

Perhaps you live far from a university offering a part-time MBA program. It’s never been easier to get an MBA with so many online MBA programs available.

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